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Company profile
Company profile

BKM provides organizational and business consulting services that will improve your firm’s operations and resolve problems that affect its ongoing performance. BKM was founded by Hadar Kantor, a business consultant with extensive management experience, particularly in management psychology and corporate organization.

The firm offers the following services:

1. Helping managers deal with dilemmas in the fields of marketing, production, development, engineering and implementing new management systems

2. Assimilating organizational cultures

3. Personal coaching for senior executives

Our services are aimed at the CEO or business owner who is debating questions of strategy, coping with business dilemmas or grappling with leadership difficulties.

Our advantage is the ability to give high-quality, professional advice based on a comprehensive understanding of your work environment as a senior executive. We also sat in your chair once and faced the challenges of achieving business goals, formulating strategy and dealing regularly with customers, suppliers and the board of directors.

By integrating the psychological-organizational perspective with a business outlook, we are able to identify business opportunities, understand your work environment and translate your aspirations and desires into a clear, defined work business plan.

The vast experience that we’ve accumulated in sales and marketing, which includes personal mentoring of sales and marketing personnel, enables us to identify gaps and close them. We have supplied consulting services to numerous companies, from large, leading companies such as Hadera Paper Mills, Nesher Cement Enterprises, Phoenicia Glass Works, and Zeraim Gedera Seeds, to medium and small firms.

Our vision: To get people to appreciate their own worth and achieve success.

Personal Training

BKM was founded in 2000 by Hadar Kantor, a business consultant with considerable know-how in the psychological and organizational sides of management.

Hadar successfully integrates the skills he acquired in his senior management positions with formal training and varied experience he has accumulated in corporate and family counseling. Over nearly 20 years, Hadar has provided organizational consulting services to a wide range of companies. He specializes in assimilating corporate cultures and personal coaching of CEOs and senior executives.

Hadar has a BA from Tel Aviv University in psychology and in education and evaluation methods. He is also a government-certified parenting counselor, having completed a four-year course at the Adler Institute, and has more than seven years of experience in the field.

Past experience includes over a decade as a senior insurance executive, as a supervisor at Phoenix Insurance and as life insurance claims manager at Menora.

As an army reservist, Hadar was part of a top road safety team in the Manpower Branch and led many courses that trained preventive driving instructors in the IDF.

Hadar is also a mediator, certified by the Israel Center for Mediation and Coaching, and a graduate of the course for directors and senior executives given by Lahav and Tel Aviv University.

Personal Training

Executives or owners of small and medium-size businesses often find themselves under enormous pressure, because they are working with only limited support staff — or no staff at all. In such companies, the CEO is often also the business, finance, operations, development, marketing and sales manager.

When a company has a very limited management team, if even one of the functions is not performed properly the business could suffer a serious blow. In such cases, the executive is likely to find himself spending much of his time correcting deficiencies and putting out fires.

The process of mentoring executives begins with an evaluation, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the executive. The style of mentoring will be determined by the personality and preferences of the executive, and will stress identifying and mapping out those problems deemed acute, with the aim of getting to the root of the real problem and outlining an operating plan for dealing with it.

The plan aims to improve management capabilities and the relationship with customers and employees. It is dynamic and flexible, adjusting to meet the changing needs of the business. During the entire process, we will focus on the dilemmas you and your managers are coping with and on helping you resolve them.

The process integrates training in various management skills (financial management, quality issues, information systems, marketing strategies, the art of sales, personnel management and more), and counseling, which deals with such issues as leadership, control, and monitoring whether assignments are being carried out. The coach gives the manager exercises and works with him to strengthen his skills and capabilities.

One problem senior executives typically face is the loneliness that comes from being at the top of the pyramid. Meeting regularly with a counselor/coach gives the executive a chance to bounce ideas off a person who is outside the company's command chain and is thus totally objective, and to get his help analyzing the problems that are preventing the business and the executive from reaching their full potential.

Escort senior recruitment
Personal Training for Senior Managers
Escort senior recruitment

BKM has wide experience helping companies recruit senior executives. We have had a hand in the hiring of a long line of candidates for senior positions who have integrated successfully into their new jobs.

We’ve learned that when trying to characterize the personal and professional profile of a candidate, one cannot rely merely on an organizational psychologist or a placement agency. They may not necessarily understand the unique conditions that prevail in any given workplace – the conditions that will, in the end, determine how successfully the new hire will assimilate into the firm. 

Together with the firm’s CEO, we will define the preferred profile, examine the degree to which candidates fit the parameters that were set, and advise the company during the screening process. 

The process is implemented in the following stages:

  • Defining the position – determining the new executive’s exact roles and responsibilities, what targets he is expected to meet and what abilities and talents are critical for success.

  • Setting parameters – paring down the job requirements to focus primarily on those personal abilities that will be the root of success in this position.

  • Planning – setting up an effective method of identifying these basic abilities.

The difference between us and a placement agency that does these screenings as a subcontractor is that we are advising the CEO in a process that he is leading; we are providing him a method and professional counsel.

We will attend the final round of interviews when there is a need to choose between several candidates. In addition, we will help the CEO or hiring manager analyze the materials submitted by placement agencies; to process the information received during the personal interviews; and even set up an evaluation center to test a number of candidates at the same time and compare them.

All these activities are aimed at increasing the chance that the person who is finally hired for the position will be the one mostly likely to succeed.

Personal Training for Senior Managers

Managers and owners of small and medium enterprises find themselves, often subjected to enormous pressure, since they are working with the assistance of a very small staff or no staff at all. Such organizations often CEO also serves as director of business, financial, operational, development, marketing and sales.

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