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Management Book
Management Book

Management Book was developed by Hadar Kantor, a senior organizational consultant with extensive experience in management, psychology and organizational dynamics. MB is a tool that helps senior executives define a management strategy and implement it.

Over the past two decades, Hadar has served as an organizational consultant to a wide variety of companies, instilling a proactive corporate culture and providing individual guidance to CEOs and senior executives. Through his BKM company, Hadar coaches CEOs on their interface with their boards of directors. Hadar is also chairman of the steering forum (akin to the board of directors) of the Mikud Jerusalem Company.

The knowledge that Hadar has accumulated makes him thoroughly familiar with the special needs of board chairmen and senior executives. Hadar has the proven ability to advise managements on formulating and implementing strategies to assure consistent growth over time.

The extensive experience he’s gained over many years of working with board members and senior executives has given Hadar a deep understanding of the role played by directors and the chairman of the board. He can thus lay the groundwork for interactions between them and the company’s CEO that will facilitate the firm’s success.

Hadar has spent long periods counseling a host of private and public companies, some of them prominent players in the Israeli economy. Over the past 20 years Hadar has led revolutionary processes in many companies that led to increased profitability, improved labor relations, reduced accidents and changes to the corporate culture.

Hadar studied psychology and education at Tel Aviv University, and is a graduate of the Directors and Senior Executives Course at Lahav, TAU’s School for Executive Education. Hadar worked for a decade as a senior insurance executive, managing large departments at the Phoenix and Menorah insurance companies. Hadar also helped consolidate safety awareness programs in the Israel Defense Forces during his reserve service in the Road Safety Branch, and oversaw complex processes in a number of large companies in various fields, including heavy industry, product development, engineering, high-tech, and more.

The Administrative Tool

What is MB?

MB is a tool that helps the senior management level define a management strategy and implement it. It is a tool aimed first and foremost at chairmen of boards of directors, as well as for board members and CEOs.

MB has been successfully used to create a vision, develop a strategy and objectives, formulate a work plan, craft a budget, and set targets to measure and control. MB was developed by Hadar Kantor, a business consultant with vast experience in the fields of management, psychology, and organizational dynamics. The tool is based on dozens of years of experience coaching senior executives in some of Israel’s leading companies and organizations.

MB was developed to provide those at the highest management levels with tools and methods that empower them and improve their management technique. This is a top-rate management tool that can instill a management culture, values, and standards that will help a company achieve a relative advantage over market competitors.

MB offers the following benefits:

  •  It focuses executives on the most important issues and teaches them to handle them effectively;

  • It guides executives toward forward thinking and helps them develop a strategy that will give the company a competitive advantage;

  •   It creates a process that, with professional guidance, facilitates the successful fulfillment of management and business objectives;

  • It turns management from a routine and tiresome task into one that’s exciting and challenging

MB has been used with great success in a number of major firms in the Israeli economy. Executives who use it on a daily basis report that their management abilities have improved significantly and that it has made a marked contribution to their organizations.

What does MB include?

MB is a tool that helps senior executives define their management strategy and implement it. MB includes proactive methods to focus the executive on the company’s priorities and develop the skills to cope with the problems identified, and simple, user-friendly software to apply the approach and to manage the process in an organized fashion.

The proactive approach focuses on putting the company at a relative advantage, and includes:

  • Identifying the strategic issues that are important to the firm

  • Coping with dilemmas during application

  • The flow of information in the organization

  • Organizational culture

  • Instilling management patterns in the organization

  • Management transparency

MB helps float topics and problems to help executives deal with:

  • Challenges that are not in their area of expertise or experience

  • Organizational politics

  • Harnessing managers and employees to the organization’s objectives

  • Measuring executive performance

  • Responding effectively when targets aren’t met

The software helps apply the proactive methodology and allows executives to:

  • Draw up a plan that’s flexible and dynamic

  • Generate information to help manage the process (reports, warnings, statistics)

  • Improve information-sharing at the executive level to keep everyone in sync

Who is MB meant for?

MB is aimed at the chairmen of boards of directors and CEOs at medium and large companies who feel they need a management tool to help them formulate a management strategy and implement it effectively.

MB is particularly suited to senior executives, including:

  • Controlling shareholders in public and private companies

  • Board chairmen who want to improve management performance and strategy implementation

  • CEOs facing the challenges of growth and change

  • Board members in public and private companies who encounter gaps in company management and performance

  • Owners of investment funds who want to introduce organizational or cultural changes in companies they own

MB helps with the following management challenges:

  • A lack of information about or control over processes taking place in the company

  • Absence of a clear organizational strategy

  • A lack of clarity regarding how to lead the organization toward meeting its goals

    • Instilling a corporate culture and values among managers and employees.

How does one work with MB?

MB is a tool for enhancing the management interface between the board chairman, the board members, and the senior management of the company, headed by the CEO.

MB aims to instill management habits and work methods that will increase an executive’s effectiveness and allow him to focus his management abilities on those issues that are crucial to the firm’s future development.

To get the most out of MB, it’s advisable to start with a work meeting to introduce the company and explore the executive’s needs, vision and aspirations for the future.

During this meeting, a coaching plan will be drawn up that will address the following issues:

  • Delineating those matters that are the executive’s responsibility

  • Setting measurable targets

  • Formulating a management routine and timetable

  • Profiling the desired result

The MB consultation process includes the following components:

  • Individual discussions

  • Attending meetings

  • Formulating a management routine and setting directions for action

  • Building an MB program and assimilating it

  • Monitoring the executive’s progress and helping him deal with dilemmas and difficulties.

Case Studies
The Administrative Tool
Case Studies

The Arad Group

Field of operations

Water metering solutions and services. The company is Israel’s leader in the development, design, productions and installation of water meters and solutions for remote meter-reading. Arad is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a value of NIS 800 million, with annual sales of NIS 540 million in 2013.


This is a large company with several subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and China, which is operating in very competitive markets and must meet strict quality and service standards. The company needed to formulate a management strategy so it could position itself as a market leader and to draw up a strategic plan for penetrating new markets.

For years the Arad Group has used work plans that scheduled tasks, but the managers had a difficult time using the programs and didn’t succeed in fulfilling assignments from them. This was reflected in the company’s operations and made it difficult to implement its management strategy.

The challenge

To focus the employees on the important tasks, provide command and control options to the executives, and synchronize the operations between the company’s different departments.

The solutionz

Using MB to focus the executives on those tasks that are crucial to the company’s future growth. MB helps create a management process that includes production of reports that facilitate control over the assignments and their execution.

MB was utilized to set assignments for each of the company’s departments – annual or multiyear anchor tasks that enable every manager to know exactly what he is meant to do and what is expected of him in terms of oversight and reporting.

Using MB, a routine was established that included staff meetings in which each of the managers would present his MB assignment and the interaction between the MBs of all the departments was examined.



The advantage

Using MB enables managers to control processes and focus activities on the required fields. MB also helps formulate the company’s primary objectives and those of each of the company’s departments, and improves the interaction between the different departments.

Since the Arad Group began using MB there has been an impressive improvement in its business results and its various departments are able to provide immediate responses to the changes demanded by the business environment.

The Mikud Group

Field of operations: The Mikud Group provides security and maintenance services to hundreds of private and institutional firms through annual service contracts. The company specializes in securing installations, providing personal security, protection and electronic warning systems, technical and construction services, professional cleaning and maintenance, and personnel placement.

The Mikud Group employs 4,500 people and operates all over the country using an advanced system of training, operations, and logistics.

Background: Mikud Jerusalem is a family-owned company founded in 1984. The company grew in a natural fashion until the extent of its operations broadened considerably. All the senior management positions were filled by members of the family’s second generation, who were seeking to gradually reduce their involvement in the firm’s day-to-day management.

The company had no real management track. All the company’s managers were former field people who had worked their way up, not professional managers who had worked in large companies. The owners found themselves overly involved in all areas of the company and wanted to give their managers advanced management capabilities.

The challenge: The goal was to manage and improve the business operations, formulate a strategy and set up a command and control mechanism for implementing the strategy.

The solution: A steering forum was established made up of family members, people they trusted and a senior manager at an outside firm. As part of the process, all management authority was transferred to the regional manager. The steering forum formulated an MB for the company, from which a personal MB for the regional manager was derived. At the next stage, the entire regional staff, including the branch managers, underwent training to build their own MB at the branch level.

Advantages:  The use of MB launched a process of discussing management habits and the various issues that managers deal with. MB led the managers, who had focused on operations, to invest in marketing, service, and other areas.

Ever since Mikud Jerusalem started using MB there have been improvements in collections, recruitment, and fulfillment of legal requirements. The company developed a culture of implementing decisions that led to a more balanced cash flow, a consistently improving reputation, increased client satisfaction, greater employee loyalty to the firm, revenue growth, and improved profitability in a competitive market.


So what is ManagementBook, exactly?

ManagementBook is a tool that helps senior executives define a management strategy for companies and organizations, and to oversee the practical implementation of that strategy.


Who should use MB?

This management tool is meant first and foremost for the chairman of the board of directors, as well as the CEO and board members of commercial companies.


Who’s behind the development of MB?

Hadar Kantor, the owner of business consulting firm BKM, developed and is successfully applying the use of MB. Kantor, with a vast range of knowledge of management, psychology and organizational dynamics, developed this solution based on his many years of experience advising senior executives in some of Israel’s largest corporations and organizations.


How does using MB add value?

MB helps companies and organizations manage a professional process of formulating a vision, determining strategy and objectives, and building a long-term work plan that integrates, inter alia, setting budgets and goals that can be measured and controlled.


Which Israeli companies are using MB?

MB has already been successfully incorporated by a number of leading Israeli companies, among them the Arad Group, which provides water-metering solutions and services, and the Mikud security services company.


How can I get started using MB?

Successfully assimilating MB as a management tool begins with a consultation process with Hadar Kantor that includes several work meetings during which an orderly evaluation will be made to determine the needs of the company, the board, and management. A long-term work plan will then be formulated to set those goals and values on which the company will focus.


Information Security

The MB site is protected with the highest possible level of security through an SSL protocol with a 256-bit encryption. This offers the best protection available from any third-party attempts to access information uploaded to the site. The site managers also implement various information security systems and procedures.

While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized penetration of the site manager’s computers, there is no guarantee of absolute security. Therefore, the website management cannot guarantee that the site servers are totally immune to unauthorized access to the information stored on them, including information fed to them by site users.




Access to the MB system requires personal authorization through access codes specific to each user. Users can give others access to their MB in order to share information, but responsibility for that remains with the user.

The site manager provides users with an online form to make contact. While filling out the online form you will be asked to provide details including your name, email address, and other information. Without submitting the information in the required fields, you won’t be able to complete the forms.

The site management will never transfer your personal details or information gathered from your activity on the site to a third party (to the extent that such details and information identify you personally), other than under the following circumstances:

  • To assure the provision of proper service on the website;

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  • In any case in which the website management believes that providing crucial information will prevent serious damage to you or your property, or to the wellbeing or property of a third party.

Terms of Use

Please read the following terms of use before agreeing to use the tools provided on the website (hereinafter the service and the website).

Checking that you accept means that you agree to all of the following terms.


Hadar Kantor (Hereinafter: BKM) puts at the public’s disposal the option to use a web-based tool for organizational management and instilling a corporate culture (hereinafter: the service), subject to the following terms.

The term “user” below means any person who chooses to use ManagementBook and/or any other work tool through the use of the website/service.

1. Proper Use

The user agrees to use the service in accordance with the agreement, solely for lawful purposes and for his own needs.

2. Copyright

All rights to all the website content, including ManagementBook and/or any other work tool provided by the service, are the property of Hadar Kantor and/or BKM Methodologies Ltd. These rights apply to, inter alia, the text, the text design, the word and name ManagementBook, pictures, illustrations, slideshows, sound, video, graphics and program applications, personal coaching methodologies, course titles and professional content (hereinafter: the protected material). Hadar Kantor thus provides permission to use the service solely in accordance with this agreement.

3. Warranty

The service is written for the personal access and use by site visitors and customers of the unique professional ensemble developed and implemented by Hadar Kantor.

4. Reliability of information

The user commits herein that all the details fed into the website by him are correct.

5. Privacy protection

It is hereby clarified that Hadar Kantor does not receive any information about user activity through the service. The service does not access information saved on the user’s computer unless the data was fed to the service or sent at the user’s initiative. The information is not revealed to anyone unless the user chooses to share the information using the options given him on the website. The user’s submission of his email address constitutes agreement to receive advertising material under all relevant laws unless and until the service is informed by the user that he does not so agree.


6. Indemnification

The user agrees to indemnify and absolve of responsibility Hadar Kantor and anyone representing him, including BKM, for any claim by a third party stemming from or related in any way to the use of the service.


7. Termination of service

If you wish to terminate this agreement, you need simply stop using the service.

I, the user, agree to all the terms stipulated above.

Questions or comments

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